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Annual Workshop and Auction

click here to visit the gallery of photos from our recent Workshops and Auctions

Our Annual Workshop and Auction usually held around the end of February of each year plus we have another auction that is usually held around September of each year.

As the details and guest speaker list are finalized, we will post them here.

We've had the workshops and auctions for over 20 years.

In addition, in the past we've had tours of the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, The North Carolina Museum of Science, visits to local members' fishrooms, and trips for collecting native fish and plants. Plus, we have a raffle for aquarium goods running throughout the three days of items donated to the club.

Some of the past guest speakers have been Ad Koenig, Lee Finley, Jack Wattley, David Herlong, Rusty Wessel, Karen Randall, Scott Saunders, Neil Frank, John Kuhns, Tom Allen, Robert Goldstein, Wayne Leibel, Gary Lange, Randy Carey, Diana Walstad, and many more.

Our Annual Auction is held on the Sunday of the workshop weekend and often many rare and difficult to find fish, plants, and hardware items (plus some old collectibles) are put up for bid.

We thank the past guest speakers and the attendees for their time and we extend another "thank you" to those who have provided donations for our auction.

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